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Moving on

If you have been following for some time you know that most of my stories here are from personal experiences and this one is no different. So recently I went out with a couple of guy friends,took a couple of pictures and posted them on social media and went to bed. When I woke up I had 5 dms from people asking me if he was my new beau and why I had moved on so fast , but then I mentioned that the other party had already moved on why should I not do the same and I got a unison response "HE IS A GUY".So this got me thinking is there a double standard for women that doesn't exist for men, I mean if a sister moves on 4 months after a break up its too soon  but if a guy moves on right after this is considered okay or normal. Leave your comments below and lets start a discussion , a girl is looking for some guidance here.My opinion however is in this day and age people's beliefs or ideas really shouldn't influence how you live your life because living for people will l…

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